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100Veteran 01-09-2009CFSA GrabMilitary Retirees
Against CFSA
Benefit Reduction at age 65

Recently the Government of Canada released to the Armed forces Pensioners’ / Annuitants’ Association of Canada (AFP-AAC) the Annual reports of the Canadian Forces Superannuation 2003-2005. Note that, despite the previous withdrawal of 16.5 billion dollars from Military Annuity funds, the.......
58Veteran 01-09-2009Military and RCMP Vets and Members The 75% LTD IssueMilitary and RCMP members....I hope you pass this along to everyone in your contact lists please.

I have an excellent free lance journalist doing research on a story exposing the fact that any disabled and medically released members that receive both SISIP LTD benefits and a Veterans Affairs disability pension, have the total amount of their disabil.......
60Veteran 01-09-2009Military/RCMP Pensioners Against Benefit Reduction at age 65             “ Latest up dates “ 
This injustice levelled at our Veterans someday will affect your Children, Grand Children, and/or members of your family. Someone will proudly volunteer to serve our Country in the Military/RCMP Forces. It should be a concern of all Canadians! 
The Committee and I take this opportunity to say thank you for your continu.......
69Veteran 01-09-2009Of PoppiesOf PoppiesA minor kafuffle has erupted in the blogosphere over the use of poppies. The précis: Bourque used the image of a poppy on his website; the Royal Canadian Legion contacted him and asked him to remove the image as it was their registered trade-mark and he was using it without permission. Outrage, perhaps predictably, followed. Colby Cosh gravely.......
71Veteran 01-09-2009unhesitatingly sent our soldiers into harmHonouring the Dead Without Hypocrisy
Is there no limit? Is there nothing politicians will not do to capitalize on the misery of others and to obscure their own role in that misery?
Canadians have just endured the deaths of four soldiers in Afghanistan, four young men killed by an improvised explosive device that destroyed their vehicle. That is bad en.......
35Special ReportGWI01-09-2009Study discounts Gulf War cancer linkStudy discounts Gulf War cancer link
Statistics Canada
Mike Blanchfield, CanWest News Service
42Special Report 01-09-2009Pension Surplus Trial In ProcessPension Surplus Trial In Process
(Extract from Federal Superannuates National Association (FSNA) 'On Guard' 2005, Vol.43, no.4)
The trial regarding the $30-billion surplus taken from the superannuation accounts of the Canadian Forces (CF), the Public Service (PS), and the RCMP was to have started in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, in Ottawa, on.......
44Special Report 01-09-2009Special Needs Advisory Group (SNAG) PresentationSpecial Needs Advisory Group (SNAG) Presentation
Background: SNAG was formed by VAC as an arm-length advisory group on special needs veterans and how these requirements need to be implemented into the new Veteran Charter planned to take effect 01 Apr 2006. SNAG has conducted various interviews across Canada with totally disabled vets. What follows is .......
46Special ReportVAC01-09-2009CPVA C-45 Committee Christmas Report CPVA C-45 Committee Christmas Report 
Hello All, 
I trust that you are out there spending money lavishly while flapping around preparing for Christmas.  Spending money is good for it helps to keep the tax coffers full and our pensions secure. Spend with confidence knowing that a veteran may benefit! 
Backing up my C-45 files I noticed that since mid .......
182Special Report 01-09-2009DND Ombudsman Special ReportsDND Ombudsman Special Reports
Assessing the State of Mental Health Services at CFB Petawawa
A Case Study from the Ombudsman for National Defence and the Canadian Forces
The following document is available for downloading or viewing:
Special Report, December 2008 (PDF Version, 1,489.38 KB).......