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Article Date01-09-2009
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Article TitleMilitary Veterans Research-Study
Article ContentMilitary Veterans Research-Study

Initial Summary Report

By the Veterans' Survey Group

I have completed my stats. In 92 percent of the time, Veterans Affairs overrules military Medical Releases (even though the military (DND) did everything correctly). The military (DND) made no mistakes in medically releasing all members (Officers: Major to 2nd Lieutenant and Chief Warrant Officers to Private). The military (DND) used both military and civilian physicians, medical specialists and completed all required tests for release.

Where the military did an outstanding job in 99.9 percent of the time, VAC overruled on all cases, by using non-medical Board (VRAB) members. VAC completed no medical tests and consulted with no medical specialists (physician's, physiotherapists, etc) nor did they request any medical (or dental) tests on 92 percent of all files. This is based on 10,000 medical files reviewed between 1982 to 2006 (September).

I have checked with all Colleges of Physicians and the Canadian Medical Association. It is illegal to practice medicine without a licence in Canada, even being appointed on the Recommendation of the Prime Minister of Canada (meaning Board (VRAB) members). They are giving very medium training and then are commissioned to overrule military Medical Releases without consulting any medical authority.

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VVi Comment: The Veteran Survey Research form is still available on this site at . VSG will continue to review survey responses adding to their continuous stats database. All veterans are encouraged to complete a survey form.
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