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Article Date01-09-2009
Record TYPEVVi
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Article TitleDecline Of Veteran Benefits
Article ContentDecline Of Veteran Benefits

Why did the Government of Canada allow Veterans Benefits to deteriorate to an unfair level!

Why did the Government of Canada fail to properly explain to serving members that it was merging the CPP benefits at age 65, while we continued to make separate maximum contributions as listed on our pay guide, given us a false cense of security?
Why are Military/RCMP Pensioners indexing revenues clawed back at age 65?
Why are Memberís of Parliament exempted from the claw back to their pension at age 65 and Military/RCMP Pensioners are not? Why are Memberís of Parliament exempted to pay employment insurance premiums and Military/RCMP personnel continue to pay premiums into the plan with no possibility of collecting benefits? Upon death, why does the widow of a Member of Parliament receive 65% of the Memberís Annuity while a Military/RCMP widower receives less than 50% of the memberís reduced Annuity? Why does the Public servant receive a $10,000 paid up Supplementary Death Benefit and Military/RCMP Veterans only receives a $5,000 policy?
Why is the Military personnel not considered a Different Government provider available 24/7 with out overtime pay, serving in numerous isolated posting?
Why was the Military Pensionerís Pension allowed to diminish to a level where today, a retired Chief Warrant Officer with over 38 years of service receives an annuity smaller than the salary of a Private TQ3 level? What consideration is given to our Military/RCMP Spouses, many of them loss their career aspiration following us around the World? Their dedication resulted in their loss of CPP benefits; and
Did the Government forget the 1983/84, 6 and 5 percent restraint program when we loss 6.9% indexing income, that continues to affect Military/RCMP Veterans income today.
Why is it that the Government of Canada does not take action to terminate the Claw Back to Veterans Pensions at age 65 and give Veterans the Financial Dignity they so richly deserve?

John Labelle
Campaign Coordinator
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