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Article Date19-02-2008
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Article TitleATI Requests
Article ContentHow do you get information from VAC minus the propaganda or spin? (most info taken from government of Canada websites indicated)

Please find below the Access to Information, Privacy Requests and Media requests to Veterans Affairs.

1) A Privacy Request gives you access to your private inforamation and also allows you to make corrections if necessary. There is no charge for a privacy request. As I understand, the federal department is obligated to respond within 30 days or offer a reasonable explanation. Any complaints or questions can be referred to the Privacy Commissioner.
To access personal information held by federal government

-To gain access to your personal information, you will need to:
-Determine which federal agency currently holds your personal information; you can do this by consulting Info Source, the public directory of federal government agencies.
-Fill out a Personal Information Request Form. These are available at the same locations as Info Source.
-Identify yourself so that the government can be sure it is you, and not someone else, asking for your personal information.
-Specify the personal information you are seeking. The more precise your request, the faster it can be answered.
-Send your form to the Privacy Coordinator of the agency you think currently has your information.

2)        An Access to Information Request allows you to access non-personal inforamation held by the government department. There is usually a charge for this ($10) but depending on volume, the department can sometimes scare off requests by charging much larger amounts. The way around this is to break it down to smaller parts (time frame, volume, etc.) of $10 each. Complaints or questions can be directed to:
The Information Commissioner of Canada
Place de Ville, Tower B
112 Kent Street, 22nd Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1H3
Telephone: (613) 995-2410 (National Capital Region)
1-800-267-0441 (toll-free)
The switchboard is staffed Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone )
Fax: (613) 947-7294

Access to information form and Privacy request forms
3)         Media Requests can be made to any federal department but the department is under no obligation to provide answers. Media requests are usually quicker than Access to Information but are not as thorough. See info below for VAC.

Veterans Affairs Specific Contact Info: 
Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP): 1-877-566-8609 (Toll-free)
If you reside in Charlottetown, PE: 566-8567
Access to Information and Privacy Office
Veterans Affairs Canada
PO Box 7700
Charlottetown, PE C1A 8M9
Facsimile (902) 368-0496
VAC Contacts for Media Enquiries
(613) 992-7468
Atlantic Region (Dartmouth)
(902) 426-1707 (Communications)
(902) 426-2026 (Canada Remembers)
Quebec Region
(514) 496-2291 (Communications) (Montréal)
(514) 283-2198 (Canada Remembers)
Ste. Anne's Hospital
(514) 457-3440 (ext. 2345) (Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue)
Ontario Region
(705) 568-4203 (Kirkland Lake)
For information about commemorative events/initiatives in Ontario and Nunavut:
(705) 897-5895
Western Region
Communications (204) 983-1889

For information about commemorative events/initiatives in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwest Territories: (204) 983-2011

For information about commemorative events/initiatives in British Columbia and Yukon: (604) 666-3878
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