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Article Date01-09-2009
Record TYPEVVi
Article TitleRCL Ownership of the Poppy
Article Content-----Original Message-----
From: SC (name protected) [mailto:]
Sent: 18-Oct-05 11:02
Subject: RE: Use of the Poppy image

Many thanks. We do regularly monitor sites to prevent unauthorized usage. All instances and variations of the Poppy symbol is covered under this trademark. We do not have a trademark on the actual flower, however, which you may want to consider replacing the current image with.

With regards,
SC (name protected)

>>> """" 10/18/05 12:50 pm >>>
We apologize as we did not know that the Royal Canadian Legion owned
Remembrance Day. We will find or create another 'type' of poppy from
elsewhere. Would that be satisfactory?

I would suggest you start checking the whole Internet as your symbol is
everywhere, and others may not know that the RCL owns the poppy. Mind you,
this is not such a bad thing as people remember the sacrifices of all
veterans. Nevertheless, VVi will comply with your demands. We will post your
message to our site to assist your efforts in telling everybody that the
poppy image and Remembrance Day is owned by the Royal Canadian Legion.

Again our apologies.


-----Original Message-----
From: SC (name protected) [mailto:]
Sent: 18-Oct-05 10:33
Subject: Use of the Poppy image

Good Afternoon,

I had occasion to visit your website recently and noted that you had used
the image of the Poppy. The Poppy image, as a symbol of Remembrance, is a
trademark owned by The Royal Canadian Legion. As such, please remove this
image from your site.


SC (name protected)
Administrative Officer

Dominion Command
The Royal Canadian Legion
359 Kent Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0R7
Tel: 613-235-4391
Fax: 613-563-1670
Eval INFO CREDIBILITY6 -not judged
SourceRCL Dominion Command
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