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50News 01-09-2009Harper vows action on pension disputes Reforms already proposed by Liberals MinisterTory leader promises , bill of rights; Harper vows action on pension disputes Reforms already proposed by Liberals Minister


Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is promising a bill of rights to improve the lives of Canada's veterans and proper recognition for.......
53News 01-09-2009Vets expect to wait years for pension awardsVets expect to wait years for pension awards

 The head of the War Amps is blasting a multibillion-dollar court award involving bungled pensions for disabled veterans, insisting the ruling will actually hurt living veterans.
""I usually fight for veterans,"" Cliff Chadderton, CEO of the War Amps and chairman of the National Council of Veteran Assoc.......
56News 01-09-2009Forces ombudman's office denies Gulf War illnessesForces ombudman's office denies Gulf War illnesses
One in five veterans has reported ailment

The office of the Canadian Forces ombudsman has concluded that engineering troops who served in the Persian Gulf and were thought to have been exposed to various contaminants aren't suffering any greater rate of illnesses than other veterans, according to a .......
65News 01-09-2009Legion Targets Ombudsman Report on Use of Poppy-----Original Message-----
From: SeanK 
Sent: 27-Mar-06 17:17
Subject: Legion Targets First Ever Ombudsman Report on VAC by Claiming Ownership of All Representations of a Poppy

Letter In response to Royal Canadian Legion Representative's Email:

Mr. Clark
Apparently the Legion has claimed ownership of every symbol and r.......
66News 01-09-2009Veterans' benefits beefed upVeterans' benefits beefed up

Globe and Mail Update

The Harper government Thursday unveiled a beefed-up package of veterans' benefits that it billed as the most comprehensive since the end of the Second World War.

The legislation, which was drafted in consultation with veterans' groups following years of complaints that forme.......
70News 01-09-2009Poppy trade-mark argument reveals unique amalgam of rights

By Bob Tarantino
(Courtesy of The Lawyers Weekly)On Nov. 4, 2005, a representative of the Royal Canadian Legion contacted Pierre Bourque, author of the widely-read Canadian news website, and demanded the removal of a digital image of a poppy posted on the site. The Legion asserted a right to prohibit unauthorized use of the poppy im.......
75News 01-09-2009No death benefit for soldier’s kinNo death benefit for soldier’s kin
N.S. man was single and had no children; parents, sister shut out
By DEAN BEEBY The Canadian Press
OTTAWA — The family of a Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan won’t be getting a generous cash settlement from the government after all.

Media reports last month said relatives of Pte. Braun Scott Woodfield, a N.......
76News 01-09-2009Dishonouring disabled vetsDishonouring disabled vets (Toronto Star)

While politicians heap praise on our troops, Canadian soldiers disabled in Afghanistan will receive far less than those who fought in World War II, by Robert Smol and Sean Bruyea

Jun. 19, 2006. 01:00 AM

Young Canadian men and women are at war in Afghanistan. Over here, many immigrants from strife-tor.......
77News 01-09-2009Peacekeeping too passive for peace of mind, says psychiatristJuly 5, 2006

Soldiers better off fighting
Peacekeeping too passive for peace of mind, says psychiatrist
By CHRIS LAMBIE Staff Reporter

Fighting war might be easier on the head than peacekeeping, says a Halifax military psychiatrist who recently returned from Afghanistan.

Canadian troops are now involved in combat operations in the volatile so.......
79News 01-09-2009Study: More war veterans suffering from stressWASHINGTON -- More than one-third of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans seeking medical treatment from the Veterans Health Administration report symptoms of stress or other mental disorders -- a tenfold increase in the last 18 months, according to an agency study.
The dramatic jump in cases -- coming as more troops face multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanista.......