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Article Date01-09-2009
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Article TOPICVeteran Ombudsman
Article TitleHinton Supports Veterans’ Call For a Veterans Affairs Ombudsman
Article ContentHinton Supports Veterans’ Call For a Veterans Affairs Ombudsman

KAMLOOPS – Yesterday a group of modern day veterans, led by Capt. Sean Bruyea (ret’d.), held a press conference on Parliament Hill to unveil their 2005 Ombudsman Report on Veterans Affairs Canada. This report clearly outlines the need for an ombudsman for VAC and calls on the government to institute this office.

Betty Hinton made the following comments on the need for an ombudsman:

“Last March at the Conservative party policy convention, I put forward a number of policies that concern veterans and Veterans Affairs Canada, including the institution of an Office of the Ombudsman for the department. All of the policies were adopted.

As the critic for Veterans Affairs I am constantly in contact with veterans that are not being served by the department in a fair, transparent and timely manner, they require the services of an ombudsman. We have heard the former DND/CF Ombudsman, Andrč Marin, echo these sentiments and now this group of modern-day veterans are expressing the same need.

Clearly, everyone but the government, sees that our veterans not only require but deserve the support of such an office. This is the Year of the Veteran and there is no better time to give Canada’s veterans the services of an ombudsman.’’
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